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Often the collaborative work management needs from its teams, customers and vendors is best handled by an outside professional meeting facilitator. Unlike internal team members who are “good with people,” professional facilitators bring no inherent bias or personal agenda to a session. OnwardU facilitators have the skills to design a highly productive session to garner input and produce specific outcomes in a fraction of the time it would take otherwise. They bring a wealth of technique to bear to cause convergent or divergent dialogue as needed. Strong facilitators manage poor behaviors among participants that leave all feeling respected and most important, productively contributing, despite their own agendas and personalities, in the interests of the sponsor organization.

Among the many sessions OnwardU facilitators have custom-designed and conducted are:

Find out how a professional meeting facilitator can deliver the results you need for your important meeting.

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  • In-House Training

    Think your group needs one or more of our workshops? We can help you build the most effective, cost-efficient course series for any size group, timeline and pace. Or, just take one workshop at a time.

  • Professional Facilitation

    Might some of your important initiatives and meetings benefit from the skills and leadership of a professional, third-party facilitator trained to ensure good listening, full participation by all, and focused conversation toward a meaningful result?

  • Request a Speaker/Coach

    Need a presenter for a group or directed attention for one or more key players?

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