Welcome to Onward.

Welcome to Onward, where we share insights you can put to immediate and frequent use to be more effective immediately. It is our hope that you’ll discover a great deal about yourself here, and about others as well, and that what you put into action from what you learn here will transform the experience you and others are having as you forward your objectives.

We’ll explore myriad aspects of communication – the very lifeblood of our existence with one another. We’ll discuss the dynamics at play, and how you can alter what’s happening merely by how you communicate – whether as a group presenter, manager, salesperson or member of a team.

Periodically, we give practical advice to help you be better prepared to handle a crisis in your organization – including those that attract news media, activists and community outcry.

Leadership will always be a common theme here at Onward. And for the times when you just want a break from anything too heavy, we’ll talk tips – from running a meeting to meeting all your deadlines, and making email manageable.

Have a particular work or people challenge you think we might have an answer for? Suggest it,  and if we have some light to shed on your situation, we’ll add it to our content queue. And of course, we’d love to hear a good results you cause by acting on ideas you pick up here. (But we’ll keep your identity secret if you want us to!)

Thanks for joining in. We look forward to the journey with you.

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